Today’s show includes a reminder to get involved in “Meet You at the Polls”. Check out for instructions, flyers, and more, to help you organize in your area. The meetings will start this Sunday at 3:00 PM and every Sunday until the election. Meet at your local county court house, state capitol or wherever you can in a visible place with a flag pole in your town. Print off flyers from and pass them out to churches and pastors in your area.

Chance of American Survival Wholesale came on to remind us to prepare for disasters. People died in the recent hurricane, who did not adequately prepare for the storm that came their way. Prepare!

Mike Adams is uncovering the fact that the Left has become openly demonic. They are on the devil’s team, and they are doing everything they can to stop God’s plan for humanity. Defeat the demons – humanity must come to its senses and use every available means to rid the world of these life-stealing demons.

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