Everything in our lives has been relegated to a picture on a screen. Our hearts have been so hardened by the lack of reality to our experiences. We live in different realms. There is the realm on the screen and then reality, guess which one is more important? There are real things happening in the world, affecting real people, but we don’t care. We don’t care about anyone but ourselves, and then beyond that, how much money is involved. We must care. We must go to where the need is and be lights.

Joel Osteen is in the valley of decision. He is failing right now, because he cares more about his pretty church building more than his church members. He has a building that can hold 17,000 people, and that building is closed to the public. He is a leader in his community, and yet he isn’t willing to help that community. Is that Christian? Is that what we do? When we find ourselves having the ability to help, we choose not to?

We must go and do what is required of us. Be righteous. Step up and be God’s mighty men. Go to Houston and help where we are able.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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