The Bundy Ranch problem happened in recent history. The Bundy’s wanted to keep their land, and the Bureau of Land Management tried to take it from them. They resisted, because it was theirs. They owned it! This situation is important because the federal government is overstepping it’s bounds.

Look at where the federal government allocates it’s resources. It’s trying to shutup the Bundy’s with SUV’s and a hundred federal officers. Yet, they do nothing to stop ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, whom are both communist. If the federal government is siding with communists and fighting men defending liberty, whose side do you think our government is on?

If you think you are going to get out of this struggle without having to pick sides you are wrong. You are going to have to pick a side. Just like voting for Trump, you picked a side. When the safety of your family comes into question, whose side are you going to be on? Are you going to be on the side striving for order or the side striving for anarchy? Are you going to side with ANTIFA or your local militia?

You are going to make a decision, pray that you make the right one.

Hey, don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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