1.Prayer Praying the Word Applying the Word to
Your prayers
3.The Word
4.Confession Speaking the Word

Principalities are the generals over a specific Country and they give orders to the
Powers. Look at a country and see what iniquity is prevalent in that country and you can
tell what kind of fallen angel is in control. You can usually figure out its name too. It would
be interesting to take a map of the world a gather information starting at the country and
plot it right down to a city and to an exact point in that city. I am sure you would see a
pattern develop. I am sure it exists somewhere and I am sure the Human
Principalities are in control of that list.

Powers & Rulers of Darkness are over a specific State, Province, or Territory in a
Country. Its getting easier to tell what fallen angel is in control by looking at what is going
on in that particular State, Province, or Territory, and they give the orders to the Spiritual
wickedness in High places. Lets take for instance the state of Nevada in the good ole
USA. You can bet (pun intended) your last dollar that the fallen angel over that state is
one that is associated with gambling, drug running, Mafia, prostitution, and all other forms
of debauchery. That being true, then you also can bet that he has demons, devils, evil
spirits under his control who are just like him.

Spiritual wickedness in High places these are the main ones causing all the trouble,
although the others including Lucifer himself is on the scene causing havoc. These are
the easiest to identify by iniquity and by name. Within this group are the lowlife’s if you
will of evil realm. One or more will be over a county in the state and then One or more will
be over a City in that County. Then you will have a whole bunch of the demons/evil spirits
who are controlled from there. These are the ones who possess people or animals.
These are the ones who are dealt with 99% of the time. Their main goal is to stifle
Churches and stop revival. Its pretty easy most of the time, because pew setters are such
willing subjects. Hatred, unforgiveness, drunkards, adulterers, homosexuality, idolatry,
false doctrine etc., is so rampant in the church the demons just lounge around watching.
If a move of the Holy Spirit starts it is quickly quenched. I have seen it happen many times.
The Churches that they have a hard time with they will send in special followers such as
witches or Satanists to disrupt and destroy.



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