Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. We do not fear God. We have been taught such an all-encompassing grace, that there is no fear of God any longer. If there is nothing you need to be saved from, then the gospel has lost its bite.

It’s not about President Trump. It’s about the spirit of God that is moving and works through our government. This requires the Church to stand up and apply pressure. Trump was a foot in the door, he held back the tide, he shook things up. Now he’s gone about as far as he can go without a team. He still doesn’t have a team; the Church hasn’t stood up to do anything. The Church is waiting for Trump to fix everything, because they don’t believe God can do it.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrate is real. This means that the Governor of a state has an obligation to do what is right, in opposition to the courts, if it is the right thing to do according to the Constitution. The Supreme Court does not supersede elected officials in their obligation to uphold the Constitution. Every individual government agent swears to uphold the Constitution.

Governor Matt Bevin in Kentucky is standing up for what is right, where is the Church? He is the lesser magistrate and he is opposing the federal judges, and he’s doing it to save children’s lives. What are we going to do about it? Are we going to get up off our butts to help or not?

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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