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Discouragement is tough to defeat. Despondency is a sinking or dejection of spirits, at the loss of hope. So many times it feels very lonely in ministry, and it feels like we’re the only ones playing hard.

Remember, you’re not the only one playing hard. If the Lord has called you to do something, just do it! Don’t worry about those around you who appear not to be working hard. Encourage yourself in the Lord. If you’re doing anything at all, there’s a bunch of people telling you you’re not doing it hard enough or right enough.

Pick up your plow. Plow your row. Leadership is lonely. Keep laboring to do the work of the Lord. To be a leader, you just keep getting up and putting one foot in front of another.

Coach and David Arthur visited another high school to speak. The girls were the ones engaging, asking questions, and being on the offense. The boys were sitting back and just letting the girls dominate.

Why aren’t the schools discussing what makes something right or wrong? They are very morally confused. They fit in by becoming a spectacle. The more bizarre, the better, for giving them attention.

The mentality of most pastors is “don’t rock the boat, Baby.” Paul, the apostle, paid his own way with tent-making. But pastors today, depend on their congregation’s opinion, for their job security.

Focus is key. What are we focusing on? What’s important to Jesus?

We get to heaven by God’s grace, but fruit comes from the works we do because we love Christ.

Testimony from George L. about a near plane crash. Prayer becomes real, when you’re in a dangerous situation where a plane is ready to crash. George and his pilot friend had a crash landing in a field, and are very grateful to God. There was complete peace in the situation. Glory to God.

We are a family. God taught us to pray not for “I” and “me” but “we” and “us.”

Meet You at the Polls this weekend. We have 2 more Sundays to go, before voting day on Tuesday, November 6th.

Seventy or so witches went to NYC, and a group of Christians prayed and sang “The Blood of Jesus.”

Pray for the nation! People are coming against President Trump. Keep praying God will be glorified.

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