Power and Authority are Different | Coach Dave Live | 12-27-19

Coach and Edwin Viera discussed the distinction between power and authority as it relates to guns and the militia.  Political power has shifted away from the people to the political class.  “After Democrats gained power in Virginia recently, they began moving on really draconian gun control ideas.” Said Dr. Viera.  “This has provoked a reaction from the people.”

This is a revolt of the masses in support of the Second Amendment.

States rights are at issue in this debate.  What is happening in Virginia about the Second Amendment is wrong at both the state and federal level.  “This is the first-time gun control advocates have come completely out of the closet.” Observed Dr. Viera.  “Even California never proposed the kind of legislation that is being proposed in Virginia.”

The Huddle applied the Hegelian Dialectic to what is happening nationally on guns.

Dr. Viera observed that the constitutional militias are moribund nationally.  “We don’t have these constitutional institutions.” Said Dr. Viera.  “That’s the problem.  This makes it very difficult for people to push back against tyrants who are asserting themselves in the states.”

Dr. Viera was asked by the Huddle whether the imagined gun control laws are enforceable.  Discussion ensued.  There is not structure at the state and local level that is equipped to help in a crisis because the constitutional militia structure has been neglected.

What are the police going to do if the draconian gun control laws are passed?  Sheriffs are saying that they will not enforce those kinds of laws.  Dr. Viera thinks several law enforcement agencies are going to stand down.  The National Guard is very negative toward these ideas.  The segregation battles of the fifties and sixties created similar conflicts.

The question here is “What will the President do?”  How will he react.

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