Pastors need to realize that they are called to send out the ministers as listed in Ephesians 4:11-13. Why not send them out to the prayer meetings at the polls?

Denominationalism has kept us apart. Many say we should only pray in private. Daniel in the Bible deliberately prayed in public. He deliberately left his windows open!

Coach says there‚Äôs no reason we should be losing the culture war. If we would just get together with others and pray. Let’s not let our theological differences keep us from praying to the God who is outside of our human divisions.

Pastor Brunson was released from Turkey last week, and he prayed publicly for President Trump at the White House. The President said he probably needs more prayer than anyone in the room. Prayer is important. Passion for Christ is important.

Don’t forget “Meet You at the Polls.” Pray together!

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