Praying for Healing | Coach Dave Live | 12-23-19

The show opened with a discussion about prayer, and God intervening in people’s lives.  The Huddle recounted true incidents about prayer.  It is important to pray for people when we feel the urge to do so.  Don’t be afraid to pray in public for strangers who are in need.

“When you begin to pray for those who are weak in faith,” Said Coach.  “If you grab their hands and pray with authority they will drop to their knees.”  Power prayers are what make the difference.

Effectual and fervent prayers make a difference.

“Why do we believe things just because the doctor says it.” Said Coach.  “It’s not name it, claim it when you pray with authority … when you speak healing into someone’s life.”  All sickness is the work of the enemy.  All things work together for the good.  Bad things happen for a purpose.  God always brings good things out of evil circumstances.

The power of life and death is in the tongue.

“When you go to the doctor and he makes a diagnosis don’t receive it.”  Said Coach.  “Ailments are invaders.  They don’t belong to you.”  The leading cause of death is misdiagnosis.

In order for God to do what He can do you need to do what you can do.  If you are obese it might be a good idea to not eat so much.

A man in the huddle talked about needing to hear more preaching about sin from the pulpit.  The storm or illness may very well be there because of your own sins.

There’s more than one voice out there.  God’s sheep hear his voice.  “He is constantly warning me and talking to me.” Coach declared.  “But there’s another voice out there.”  When the Lord speaks to you obey instantly.  Don’t wait for the second voice to show up.  He said, “When you hear that voice you acknowledge it and do it immediately.”  This will bring more peace than anything else you can do in your life.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith”

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