Praying for Healing | Coach Dave Live | 12.5.2019

God loves His people.  There are consequences in nature and the world.  If we are disobedient, then bad things can happen.  It isn’t God’s fault.

“You don’t have to beg God.” Said Coach.  “He has the power to heal, but our begging doesn’t move Him.”

We want God to supernaturally intervene in matters that are the consequence of sin or natural consequences.  Begging won’t help.

Coach turned the show to a discussion about morality and normalcy showing a clip about a public hearing in Washington D.C. and commenting on a video produced by a sodomite mocking Coach.  We’ve erased the line between normalcy and morality inside the church.

Coach read his Weekly Word.

Robert Klous shared his devotional for the day from “Finders, Keepers:   Finders of Truth Keepers of Faith

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