Being prepared is an important lesson taught in the Bible. In Matthew 25 Jesus relates the parable of the wise virgins who stored up their oil. In this story when the lazy virgins came up looking for oil, the wise virgins told them to go buy their own. Not very Christian of them.

Today’s episode is all about prepping and preparedness. Pastor Wayne has been prepping for 8 years and is the guest today to speak on how to prep, what to look for, and how to be realistic about it. Prepping is a mindset. It’s not just about having a bunch of supplies, it’s about having a preparedness mindset. Preparedness mindset is the faith, and the supplies are the results of your faith.

As Christians, we should be prepared, so that we can render assistance and be lights when necessary. When all other lights go out, continue to shine bright. Pass the Salt.

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