We are commanded to pray for our leaders. We are called to pray for President Trump.
Some Christians are still “never Trumpers” because he is not perfect in every way that they feel he should be. I don’t think President Trump is godlike, but he is doing good things. He’s the best president we’ve had in recent history.
Do we need to hold politicians to the same standard we hold preachers? Yes, President Trump is a leader, but God has used many ungodly leaders in the past, to do His will.
Are we holding Donald Trump to a higher standard than King David from the Bible? David was a very imperfect man but he had a heart after God. He repented when he sinned. God used him in spite of his flaws. Can God use Donald Trump, too?
Donald Trump is the horse we rode to the party. Let’s support him. Let’s get our eyes off his weaknesses, and focus on his strengths. Let’s get on this horse and ride.
Pass the Salt!
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