We have received over $60,000 in donations! We are distributing it to local churches who KNOW what to do with it. We are helping those where the pain is most, while delivering the gospel of repentance to them. Thank you for your support and keep it coming.

President Trump is realizing what is going on. He knows there is a spiritual war on, he just doesn’t know exactly what to do. He is reaching towards God in times of turmoil. This is a great thing. Our leader is reaching towards God in his time of need. Back him up!

Prayer isn’t about feeling happy and comfortable, it’s about doing God’s will. If you aren’t repentant, that’s the first step. Repent, so that you CAN pray and be effective. The effectual fervent prayer of A RIGHTEOUS man availeth much, we are only righteous through Jesus’ forgiveness folks. We can’t do it ourselves.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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