The Church no longer preaches the wrath of God. It can be used to correct people. America, with its heritage, and resources, have become wicked.

Saudi Arabia is only doing what it has been taught, but we have been taught the truth but have rejected it. We have everything you’d ever want and yet we’ve rejected truth.

Cheap grace. Sin of presumption. People say, “If I ask, God has to forgive me.”

God looks for a repentant heart that quits sinning, instead of a presumptuous attitude that says, “No matter what I do, God has to forgive me.”

Isaiah 58 says, “Show My people their sins.” Why isn’t the Church preaching this message as a balance to love, mercy, and grace?

The sin of America is our presumption that God has to forgive us for our evils, without true repentance…

Pray for America and Pass the Salt!

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