Pretend Legislation | Coach Dave Live | 1-20-2020

There’s a lot of disinformation concerning today’s event in Richmond.  This is designed to lower the numbers at today’s Rally, suggested Coach.  The media is pushing the idea that government is good, the people are evil.  “The push back to save America is going to start with the Nascar crowd.” Said Coach.  “They have a lot of the truth, but they don’t have the restraint of the Holy Spirit.”

Coach broadcasted from among several Huddlers gathered in Richmond heading from the hotel into the city.  A Huddler read the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.  The Huddle discussed the Declaration’s introduction with Coach crowded into the van heading for downtown Richmond.

A Huddler shared an idea from the first chapter of Nehemiah.  Go to the 30 minute mark in the video or audio.  “There is security in bondage.” Observed a Huddler.  “People want their entertainment and comforts more than they want truth.”

“Nothing really matters … but me.” Sang Coach as he channeled the rock band Queen.  Minute 40.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional Finders, Keepers.  See the link below.

Blessed are the Peacemakers.

Pass the Salt!
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