Just as churches are the arm of education for Christianity, so the public schools are the education for communism. We have been indoctrinated on so many levels concerning our school system. Thirteen years of, “Education” and what? Our kids don’t know any life skills. THIRTEEN YEARS and they know nothing about how to live. They still require training at their jobs. How does this make sense? How is this, “Education”?

It isn’t education, it is indoctrination. Government schools are creating cattle to be herded for their own purposes. They do not want educated, intelligent, free-thinking men. They want cows who will stand in line, and shut up when there is anything that bothers them.

We are being turned into cattle, we are doing it willingly, and we are doing it to ourselves. Wake up people, the solution is not more, “Education”. The solution is Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. Get your children out of the government schools, and do it now.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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