Suck it up people. We don’t have to agree on every little thing. You need to grow up and realize not everyone sees everything exactly the same, but if you see the big picture together, then work together to achieve the goal. I’m not always right, and neither are you, so get off your high horse and start working for the Kingdom.

When we focus on what is true and holy, that doesn’t mean ignore everything else! Focus on Christ for a reason, to do the work of the ministry and help other people see the Truth!!! Get out and DO it!

We have to start using our faith here and now. Fasting is one way. Defeat the sin in your own life. You do that by removing distractions so that you can love others more effectively. Fasting eliminates a huge portion of our gluttonous thoughts, so it frees you to focus on what truly matters. Christ, and continuing the work of His ministry.

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