Why are there so many different sects of Christianity? The body of Christ is not unified people. Understand this, IT’S NOT! Just look around? We disagree about everything. The “Church” is not unified. There may be “saved” people sitting inside those Churches, but honestly, if you are actually pursuing Truth, you won’t be able to sit inside a fake Church.

The answer is always Christ. The answer to the problems in our world is always Christ. The answer to Abortion is Christ. The answer to corruption is Christ. The answer to homo’s is Christ. The answer is always Christ. We don’t operate that way. We care too much about things that we shouldn’t.

Donald Trump is truly a man. The things he is putting up with is unbelievable. Imagine we had Christians, like Donald Trump. Imagine that?

Our belief and worldview shapes everything we see. What we believe determines what conclusions you draw. That’s why you question. Question your beliefs, and come out the other side stronger.

We are pursing the Truth here, so get on board.

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