The time to end abortion is now. We are apathetic, we don’t even care about the innocent children. We must repent of this evil we have committed on innocent children. We are killing children, we aren’t saving women. We are killing children. The United States is pushing the killing of children as being right. Do we really love women? Do we love them enough to tell them, “No.”? If we really loved women, abortion would be illegal.

We are not to simply obey the government. We are to resist evil authority. Jesus resisted the government when they told him to speak. Paul resisted the government authority when they tell him to come out of Jail. Standing for righteousness and resisting evil are a part of the Christian life, and whether the government is the one calling the shots doesn’t matter.

Censorship is real. It is happening. Doug Hagmann comes on today and discusses how his organization and show is being censored. It is happening through lack of advertising revenue and being personally sued. They sue you into submission. People need to understand that it will be coming to you soon enough.

The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots. We don’t like hearing it, but this moment in history is that time. We need to go on the offense, and we need to do it now.

Always Pass the Salt.

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