Pedophilia is being redefined from child abuse to child-adult attraction or relationship. The LGBT movement, which is a pedophile movement, has now laid the groundwork to say, “If homosexuals have rights, we want rights to have adult-child sex.”

The expanding of this fire is getting bigger and bigger. The enemy wants to destroy the little children. Pedophilia is being normalized  “Innocently” enough as adults attracted to children. But now, it’s becoming the trafficking of children, murder, and satanic rituals.

We have also allowed them to bring homo sex into the Church. The next thing is pedophilia in the Church, because people are “born that way,” and Jesus wants us to love.

REVOICE is the homosexual movement moving deeply into the Baptist and other churches. Beyond Revoice Part 1 includes recruiting youth pastors to teach youth that it’s okay to have homosexual sex.

I sound like a broken record, but Church, it’s time to wake up!

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