Some men don’t know the way we do ministry. They think we’re totally making the rest of the Christians look bad.

Some say, “How do you expect to reach people if you yell at them?”

I spent my whole coaching career yelling at people. Rebuking. Exhorting. Teaching. That is love.

Salvation Mission vs. Rescue Mission.

These are not the same thing.

Street preachers are on a rescue mission. They are compelled to preach strongly to rescue people from murdering their babies, or stop the evil coming against our society.

Prove that yelling is not working.

There are differences in the tactics we use when in a spiritual battle or ministering to others.

Sometimes we need a hard line. Other times we need soft compassion.

Are we in a war, or not? Or we just on a salvation mission?

If we’re in a war, was going to Chappaqua a battle?

If so, we need to be assertive, loud and strong.

Sometimes we need to raise our voice.

Ask yourself, “What is the mission?” Sometimes, the mission is to rebuke.

Some men are reading to children in libraries dressed as women. Are we trying to get the cross dresser saved in that instance, or trying to rescue the children?

Rescue the perishing.

David shared the gospel with Goliath by taking off his head.

Why are we stuck on salvation, when we’re in a war for the culture?

I’m not trying to “win” them. I’m trying to cut off evil from our children, who are being corrupted.

Christians should not allow political parties to define who they are.

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