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Earlier in the week some members of the Huddle showed up in Charlotte North Carolina to support Alan Hoyle.  Their work resulted in Alan’s case being dismissed.  Hoyle confronted sodomy on the streets of Charlotte.  Hoyle is in Washington D.C. right now with Ron Brock, America’s greatest Truth Truck driver.  Brock’s body is breaking down from old age.

Hoyle will meet up with members of the Huddle in Richmond, Virginia on Monday.  Coach is leading a group to the streets of Richmond on Monday as part of the pro Second Amendment rally being held in response to the Governor’s frontal attack on the Second Amendment.

Coach introduced the publisher of “Saved Magazine.”  Born in Iran, Afshin Yaghtin came to America at five years of age.  He was arrested at a Drag Queen Story Hour in Spokane Washington.  He talked about how he came under conviction as a Pastor to protest the Drag Queen Story Hour in his city.

Coach asked, “What made you show up?”  Local activists contacted him about the event.  He attempted to rally with a couple local pastors.  They had ten days’ notice for the Drag Queen event.  They decided to do a sit-in protest.  Their goal was to stop the event.  He showed up because it is the right thing to do.  He didn’t dream that he was going to be arrested.  The event was paid for by local tax dollars.

He became convicted that the Church isn’t showing up.  Within ten minutes he was arrested.  Pastor Yaghtin pointed out that SWAT snipers were on the roof of the library with their guns pointed at the Christians.  He was told that he could not enter the library unless he declared his support for sodomy.  He persisted in attempting to enter the library to share the gospel.  He felt like he was within his first amendment rights to be inside the room as an observer.  The police tried to force him to stand in the designated “Free Speech Zone.”  He disagreed.  They practiced viewpoint discrimination.

He learned from his arrest that it isn’t as bad as it seems.  “I don’t want to ruin it for you but Jesus was arrested.” Observed Coach.  “They arrested Him, tortured Him and killed Him.”  We must overcome our fears.  We must move and act outside of our comfort zone.

“Our fight is not a natural one.  It is a spiritual fight.” Said Coach.

“There is clear discrimination against Christians now.” Observed Pastor Yaghtin.  “We need to stand up for our own rights.”

Coach talked about the Pastor’s magazine called “Saved Magazine.”  It is published quarterly.  Learn more in the link.  Coach is appearing for the first time in the new edition called “Taking Back the Rainbow.”

The magazine is designed to be used in evangelism.  There are four issues a year.  The annual subscription is just $25.  Pastor Yaghtin also publishes two YouTube Channels.  See the links below.

We need to love the innocent children more than we love the evil that is working overtime to pervert them.  Coach encouraged listeners and viewers to run for public office after Pastor Yaghtin commented on how the prosecutor is an athiest who calls Christians “loonies.”

Robert Klous read from his devotional “Finders Keepers.”  See the link below.

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