Saving LIVEs from Helena Montana | Coach Dave Live | 12-9-19

“We blindly accept what medicine recommends.”  Said Coach.  “My doctor doesn’t even examine me when I go.  He just stares at a screen and then gives me a drug.”

Coach is broadcasting LIVE from Helena, Montana.  He is on the ground helping a Christian family that is under attack by the State of Montana.  He interviewed Keith Newmayer, the father of the family that is being attacked.

Before interviewing Keith Coach played the inforwarsmedia video that is linked in the Videos section.

“All those who hate me love death,” Said Coach.  He went on to share an email from someone who attacked him because he criticizes homosexuals.

Child Protective Services is a pro-transgender entity that works overtime to separate parents from their children.

Keith and his wife adopted two children.  They went through an enormous amount of vetting.  They saved them from orphanages in the Ukraine and brought them into a Christian family.  The daughter complained to a school worker and the next thing Keith and his wife knew they were under the microscope of the Montana Child Protective Services.  Then both children were taken from them by the government.

Google “Child Protective Services Kidnapping Children.”

Keith and his wife were just a little too Christian for the deep LGBT state.  That’s why the children were taken away.  “These demons are after the children.” Said Coach.

A father in the Huddle testified that his biological child was threatened by the deep state.  He won because he had access to legal help.

Keith spent more money trying to get the children back than they spent on the adoptions.  Coach pointed out that it is wrong to trust science because it has been politicized.  He cited “Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.”  The government is at war with the truth, and especially with Christianity.

A man in the Huddle said, “We have to get out of the system a little bit at a time.”

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