We need to be good at fighting for right. We’re on Jesus’ team. We need to be all in.

When the team is doing good, everybody wants to be on the team, but when the game gets tough, 80% want to run and hide. Where is the remnant, those who will stand? The average Christian says “Well, we win in the end,” as if they don’t have to fight and win.

Don’t we know it’s our duty to push back the darkness? Sometimes the darkness comes from government officials, who are supposed to be upholding justice under the law.

This happens in multiple ways, including:

Misfeasance – mistakenly doing something wrong;

the act of performing a legal action, but in an improper way.

The law says, “A plaintiff is due a reasonable care.”

Malfeasance – deliberately doing something wrong; the commission, by a public official, of an act that is harmful, legally unjustifiable, or contrary to law. Intentionally doing what is wrong either legally or morally is malfeasance.

Today’s show draws attention to this in a recent court case involving two Christians who were assaulted on the street. The case was dismissed unjustly, without consideration of the evidence proving unlawful violence against them. Instead, the innocent plaintiffs were discriminated against by the commissioner’s office, while a violent man was allowed to walk free. Is this equal justice?Will you stand up and fight this injustice? Get involved. Sign up today to join our mailing list, at www.coachdavelive.com/sign-up

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