Self-Evaluation | Coach Dave Live | 1-1-20

Football coaches do a lot of self-evaluation.  It is constant.  When the team loses there’s a reason the team lost.  It’s the coach’s job to figure it out.  We’re all trying to figure out where we’re going in 2020.  We need to go together or there’s going to be problems.

It’s important that the Huddle play as a team.  “How’s our team doing?” asked Coach.  “Where are the guys who used to be with us?”  We got a lot of guys playing behind the bleachers.  Coach observed, “We’re not unified at all.”  We need to assemble with other like-minded groups and individuals.

Self-love is often the reason that people choose not to assemble or not step up to confront evil.

“A year from today many Americans are going to be dead from something they didn’t imagine would happen.” Observed Coach.  “Rapture is love of self.  Christians need to be preparing for the unknown.”  Self-sacrifice is what’s needed in the face of self-love.

The Huddle discussed Luke chapter twenty-two and the idea of serving one another.  Authority is a key issue.  It is important to be under authority.  We ought to be killing the opposition … but we’re not.  “That is a big source of frustration for me.” Said Coach.

The push back against the Left is coming from the Nascar crowd.  We need to assemble with them.  Coach talked about being in Richmond wearing the hats and shirts.  He thinks many of the Nascar folks are going to be shocked to see Christians assembling with them.

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