Today’s show features a special guest, John, who had an amazing out-of-body experience after sickness causing a head injury. It changed his life! Watch the show to hear his first hand account of what happened.

We are spiritual beings in a body. God is outside of time, doing His work in and through us. We have guardian angels watching over us. As we seek God with all our hearts, He answers us and does His work.

We are also, each, necessary parts of the Body. We sharpen each other with Christian testosterone. It’s happening down in Florida this week with a group of 17 men. Lots of work getting done, to help the hurricane victims in Panama City. Many trees are still down throughout the area. Trees have fallen on people’s homes.

The Salt & Light Brigade is on the ground with men and equipment to help! Tree Limb Jim is a skilled man who showed up on the work site this week. God sent him and some say he’s an angel.

It’s great fellowship. The Body of Christ is real, alive and active. Get in the game. Live life to the full for Jesus!

Pass the Salt!

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