Coach has a guest Steve Klein on the show today. Steve was a Marine in Vietnam and is an expert on Islam. The first question asked of Steve is, “Are Christians supposed to be doormats?” Steve says no, he uses justification in Romans 13 among other verses to justify violence as a Christian. Christians are to stand for truth and defend truth. This means we are to fight to protect.

Later on Steve talks about Islam and the nature of Islam. Islam is an evil religion. The patriarch of the religion, Mohammed, was a rapist, murderer, child molester, war monger, among other things. How can this be equivalent to Jesus Christ example? Jesus was kind, firm, loving, peaceful. He encouraged peace, but not at the expense of fighting to defend the innocent.

What do we do about this? Tell people about the information. Tell them Islam is evil, tell them the truth and spread the truth. Plant the seeds. When asked, “How does that bring people to Jesus?” Well, how many of the Pharisees did Jesus bring to Jesus? Not a whole lot. Telling the truth is more important than, “Bringing people to Jesus.”