Jeremiah Thomas is still fighting for his life. He has been moved to a hospital in San Diego, because his lungs began bleeding. They are looking for a doctor to do surgery for a tumor near his lungs. God is working through this whole event. People in the hospital are asking about God. The Thomas’ family has brought the light of Christ with them into San Diego, through their pain God is lifting up His name. Keep the family in your prayers.

Understand this folks. Sodomy is wicked. Not only that, it is a crime against Nature. Fornication, that is sin, but fornication is not against nature. Men and women are designed to come together in sexual intimacy. Men and men are not. It is an abomination. There is nothing loving about two men having buttsex. There is nothing loving about two men getting, “Married”, because they are openly, irrefutably, rejecting NATURE that GOD created.

Do not be deceived, deception is everywhere. Do not have itching ears. Seek the Truth, because there’s only one.

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