Do you think there’s a Deep State? Is there anything we can do? Why are we electing corrupt people? Or are they corrupted after they are elected?

Why are the pastors not even talking about these things from the pulpit, or even over coffee with the men of the church?

This is not “politics.” This is darkness and light.

The government hasn’t even told the pastors not to talk about important cultural issues. It’s the church heirarchy who is telling pastors not to talk about important cultural issues.

And the pastors are obeying these evil leaders.

Jude says in verse 3, to “earnestly contend for the faith.” Is this telling us only to talk about salvation and faith?

Verse 4 says certain men have crept in in awares. They were ordained to this job, who are promoting lasciviousness.

Are our pastors, today doing this?

We don’t step back, going into a bunker, to wait for the rapture.

2 Timothy 4 says a time will come when people will turn their ears away from the truth. Paul, later says that he has fought the good fight. He has protected the faith. Not just his personal faith, but THE faith which we all believe.

We need to discern and speak the truth as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us.

Pass the Salt!

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