Everything you’re dealing with is in the natural. We need to take our spirituality into the real world. Our spirituality shows up in the natural realm. What good is your spirituality, otherwise? If we can’t walk out our Christianity, why have it? Is it just to stay out of jail?

Is it all about ourselves? Is it all about compassion? Or are we to be fighting a spiritual battle in the natural world?

Why did the Lord tell us to wear a helmet of salvation if we’re not in a fight?

Why won’t Franklin Graham take the next step in his ministry and get out there with his armor on?

Why doesn’t Franklin Graham say, “tomorrow we’ll meet at the Planned Parenthood.” Or “We’re all calling Nancy Pelosi tomorrow.” Or “two weeks from now, we’re demanding people defy the states regarding homosexual marriage.”

Go ye into all the world…Fight the good fight of faith…Contend for the faith…occupy till I come.

Pass the Salt!

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