What a great weekend we had on Buckeye Lake in Ohio. A big thanks to Mike and Bonnie Blake. The huddle was attended by about 35 people, and it included great food, fellowship and a scrimmage activity nearby on Route 70.

Folks, we need to be together. It’s great to have people join the show daily at 7 AM (Eastern) but there’s nothing like being face to face with one another for a weekend. The rich conversation, prayer and sharing is necessary to build a family.

We encourage you to get to a local huddle in your region, or better yet, host one yourself, if none are planned. We’ll support you in any way we can.

Scripture says to not forsake the assembling together. We need these local assemblies.

And we can go to the streets together. It’s safer to be with a group of Believers, standing for truth. We were able to do this last Saturday at a busy intersection between to major routes in Ohio. The energy and positive response was encouraging. One man was so excited as he drove by, that he stopped his car, got his dog and joined us on the street.

We passed out many Equal Justice Tour cards, and held signs, while wearing our “Crooked Hillary For Prison” shirts.

We’re fired up for Jesus, and stand together for His truth. Will you join us?

Let’s pass the salt!

Coach Dave

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