First thing we need to understand. Satan is real. Yes, that’s right, he is a real thing and affects this world we live in. Demons are his workers, and they are everywhere. Real beings, entities that are spiritual, that are affecting people in this real world.

See, we fail to grasp the reality of the spiritual realm. These things are real, and have real consequences. It’s not fiction. If demons, demonology, sin, was all fake, why did Jesus even come? Now, since Jesus has crushed and destroyed the works of the Devil, we are HIS workers in the field.

Jesus Christ has given us power OVER the demons and Satanic forces in our world. We aren’t the ones running scared. Understand this folks, we are the warriors for Christ fighting a REAL war with REAL consequences, that REALLY destroy lives and souls.

Put on your armor and get out onto the field. You have been given the authority, take hold and start fighting.

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