Public school is infinitely deadlier to your children than Halloween. You are subjecting them to a year worth of indoctrination that God doesn’t exist and there is no morality. Seriously? You are worried about Halloween while doing that?

The Christian Church is straining at a gnat and we are ignoring the weightier matters of the law. When Christians are arguing back and forth on Facebook about Halloween, and are ignoring that their own children are in public school, they are straining at a gnat.

Wake up people, Hillary, Obama, these people have committed legitimate crimes, and are still walking free. Not only that, they are TRYING to pin ANYTHING on Trump. That is straining at a gnat, and ignoring the weightier matters of the law.

Don’t ignore the weightier matters. Those of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith. These are the things that are important. Stop swallowing the camel and get your priorities straight.

Never forget to Pass the Salt!

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