The Texas Salt and Light Brigade is still operating in Texas. We are sending down a group to help those in need in Port Arthur. Dale Sochia is leading a group that is changing lives, helping rebuild homes, and feeding those who are STILL IN NEED there. Thank you so much for your support in bringing our men down to Texas.

Men need to get together. We must build community. Getting together and being with other men is so important in this age. A screen doesn’t cut it. Get together in person and start truly working together, doing things for the Kingdom.

A Christian is not like someone on this earth. You are TRANSFORMED. You do not CONFORM to be saved. You TRANSFORM into a new being. You become the image of Christ, in every aspect of your life. The deformed “Church” is false advertising and we all know it. They have conformed to the ways of the world and deformed what Christianity is.

Be ye transformed. Get up, get out, and build the Kingdom.

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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