What a time to be alive! Some of you still don’t get what’s going on. This battle you have is not just about little ole you.

Rusty Thomas says we need a reformation.

“Love Boat Christianity needs to become a warship.”

All power’s been given to me in heaven and earth. Avoid the appearance of evil, have nothing to do with fruitful works of darkness, but expose them.

I’m not going to withdraw, I’m going to invade. We’re looking for others who want to invade, too.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Well, wrestling ain’t boxing in a ring, where you get breaks every round.

When you wrestle the devil and his demons, you are connected until someone wins. It’s a tar baby fight.

Join us on the streets. Join us in Florida, to help the hurricane victims. Get in the fight. Act. Be part of the real Church.

Pass the Salt!

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