The huddle is all about active Christianity. When Jesus came to earth, He called His followers to die to themselves and get involved. We are supposed to be salt and light in the world. We are supposed to be active in everything going on in the culture. We are called to make a difference in our world, today.

Men getting involved in this show and their culture, have transformed lives. They are alive, and they are out in the world, making a difference where they live.

There is a seed of the serpent – the devil and his kids, and a seed of the woman – God’s team. This is a cosmic battle for truth and justice.

The only thing that is going to matter in eternity, is what I did for Christ. We will ask ourselves if we did everything we could to serve Jesus with all our hearts.

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We talk about current events, the Church and how we can shine light and pass the salt in our culture, today.

The interactive part of the show is when people in the huddle with us, share their views as we bat back and forth ideas and solutions to problems.

We go to Webster’s 1828 dictionary and define terms. We use words and words have meaning. Noah Webster, in order to bring all the dialects together, created a dictionary.  Word definitions have changed, like “gay.” It used to mean winsome and happy. Now, you hear the word “gay” and it means two men having sex together.

Hoax – something done for deception or mockery. A trick played. To deceive.

For example, is Ruth Bader Ginsburg still alive, or is it a hoax? Did Judge Scalia really die of a heart attack, or was he murdered? Donald Trump calls some things “fake news.” I think much of this is a hoax – a trick or deliberate deception.

This is a theology free zone. You don’t have to be my twin to be my brother. This huddle helps men’s faith grow beyond what they can imagine. We actually focus on ourselves, for example, we are making Jesus our Lord, not just our Savior. We examine politics and the pulpits of America. But we also go out and do mercy ministry. We take the tip of the spear, and ramming it into the devil’s eye. Disaster relief is part of what we do, also. We go wherever there is a need. We encourage men to get out of the pew and engage the world.

We have a former transsexual on the show. David says, “The offensive truth of the Christian correction office that planted the seed in my heart. I came to Christ, and started a ministry to tell the truth about homosexuality. I spent 8 years trying to get into these church buildings, to build a ministry, only to have them kick me down. Over a year ago, now, Coach changed my walk by inviting me to share my story on his show. Now my ministry has taken off.”

Mark joined up in the huddle in 2017 at a conference. If you’re in your church and you’re still getting the salvation story every Sunday, what do you do? We need meat. Coach brings meat to the table and gets men involved in being in the world sharing and giving from what they’ve been given. We are a global group of men following Christ together.

Roger is an attorney. The huddle is joining with like-minded men, studying the Bible and tying it into the culture, today. I have learned a lot of what I should have been taught in the church. I understand that God loves us. But I think today’s church spends too much time on how much God loves us, and too little time on God’s judgment. Although we are sinful creatures, we can overcome sin. This huddle encourages you to be overcomers. We can be healed. We bring the Bible into the discussion, and how it relates to the world events of today.

Coach Dave Live show gives you the whole counsel of God. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and makes you squirm. But it will challenge you, to make you think about what you believe and why. This is surely lacking in our churches, today – the opportunity to think.

This show red pills you from the Church. It is about people, with permission to ask hard questions and divide the Word of God rightly.

Randy, one of the participants, sent me an email, today. Randy says, “This show has changed his life. I can go anywhere, now, and I’m not afraid to speak. I wrestled in the night. I pondered and prayed, and opened to what I sent you. God told Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go! If our system cannot deliver it, just go!” 1 Samuel 16.

There are some things about Christianity that God has rejected. How long are we doing to sit back and let evil reign? Fill yourself with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and go!  This show calls us to die to ourselves, and live unto Christ. Many of us will have to suffer greatly if this world is going to change for the better. But we don’t want to die to ourselves. Death comes to everyone. You’re going to live longer after you die on earth, than you lived on earth. What are you doing now to prepare for the afterlife? Will you be with Christ or burning in hell? Make your life count for Christ, now. Get up and move! Live for Christ with all you’ve got, and you’ll live forever in fellowship with Christ.

You don’t have to be a Christian to want goodness to reign in our culture. But the principles of Christianity are what established the United States of America. We can thrive with those principles or we can put up with evil.

Are you allowed to be a man in the Church, today, or not? If you have to be feminized to be in the Church, it’s time to fill your horn and go! We were made to have testosterone, and have courage.

We go to “gay” pride parades and share our testimonies of freedom in Christ. The men need a place to be lions and roar, as God designed us. We don’t need to fear men. We need fellowship with other brothers who are fearless for God. We get that here, in the huddle. Then, we go on the road. We have in person huddles in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and more…Go to to learn where you can meet up with real men across the country.

This show is designed to build faith, equip men to go out to the world and be bold for Christ. You can be built up with other men who want to be fearless.

Some have realized that 1. the local church is dead, pretty much 2. the boots on the ground events are amazing, in being active for Christ 3. this show makes us servants, serving those in need with disaster relief

This show is testimony with testosterone. Stand up and be a man!

Pass the Salt!


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