I’m tired of hyphenated Christians. We think you are your denomination before you are Christian. Guess what, if you think you are something else more than a Christian, you probably aren’t a Christian. It’s an all or nothing game we play, so get in the game and stop watching from the sidelines.

Black Lives Matter? How about the fact that blacks are 13% of the population and 40% of all abortions. BLACK CHILDREN ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED AT AN UNBELIEVABLE RATE, and yet it’s racist even to talk about it. What? WHAT? It’s racist to say facts? This is the world we live in. IF you say facts about a racial problem, then you are racist. Hello people, you cannot deny the data.

Pastors are just womanly men. Masculinity is being rapidly torn apart in American “Culture”. We are being told it is, “Toxic Masculinity” when a man strives to be a strong leader. Guess what, God is a strong leader and we are to emulate Him. Masculine virtues must come back and men MUST take back their rightful place as the LEADERS of the home and in society.

Men must stand up and take responsibility. It’s not going to be given, it must be taken back, because that is how God designed this system to work. If men don’t, our children will grow up to be transgendered homos without any hope of salvation or peace.

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