Homosex and Sodomites are the most diabolically destructive thing in American culture. That’s why it’s important. Something that makes a boy lover other boys is demonic. It is evil and from the depths of Hell. It turns God’s order on its head. It is a complete physical rejection of God and His way. That’s why it’s important and that’s why Christians hate it.

There are five major lies we are taught in the Church today.

  1. We are all God’s children. Nope.
  2. Jesus loves everyone. Nope.
  3. Christians are not supposed to judge. Idiotic, and nope.
  4. Jesus accepts you the way you are. Nope. He accepts his way for you, and if you accept that, then it’s a deal.
  5. Jesus died for your sins. Sorta, but nope.

We live in a lawless society. All you need to do is look at the Bill of Rights to see how our government is supposed to treat people. The Bill of Rights is the Ten Commandments for our government, and we are ignoring even those.

First, we ignored God’s law, that erodes man’s law, and what replaces law and order? Chaos.

Pass the Salt, spread the truth.

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