Israel is made up of people who are no longer God’s chosen. The ceased to be God’s chosen when Jesus came. This is backed up by the fact that their bloodline was broken. They were dispersed throughout the world and married outside of their blood. The new chosen people are washed in Jesus’ blood. That is, Christians.

Jews today do not follow the Torah, that is, the Old Testament books we know. They follow the Talmud. Which is a religious system created after the Old Testament books were written. This religious system is what Jesus came to destroy. Today, they are still following this system, the system of the elders. They are rejecting God and following their own religion.

Jewish people do not believe the Old Testament. 98% of Rabbi’s do not believe that the Old Testament is literal. They believe it is completely symbolic. They believe in morally relativistic and humanistic systems of religion. This is a complete rejection of God and Jesus Christ His son.

Judaism is no longer a race. It is a religion only. And it is wrong.

Jesus came to destroy the religious system itself. The Holy Spirit indwells you and that is what makes you part of the Church, not race or some other thing. Jews need Jesus, Methodists need Jesus, Americans need Jesus, every person who doesn’t recognize Jesus as Lord needs to. It’s that simple.

So, given all that, remember to Pass the Salt.

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