We have failed our children.

Government schools destroy and undermine everything Christianity stands for. We send our children off to Hell on their yellow school bus. They are surrounded by kids who have grown up in this culture of depravity and Christian parents expect their children to come out with proper morals. We are fools.

Government schools actively indoctrinate our kids into immoral behavior, either from the teachers, or from the, “Friends” your kids have. It comes from every single angle. “But Coach, we have a Bible study at home once a week and we go to Church.” Well, they spend 6 hours every single day plugged into the anti-Christ directly. Who do you think will win?

We didn’t lose our kids in college. We lost our kids in second grade. Get your kids out of government indoctrination centers. GET YOUR KIDS OUT! Homeschooling or Christian schooling has never been easier. Man up and make the RIGHT choice for your kids future.

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