Christians are hoping for defeat. Nowhere in the Bible do God’s people get defeated. Listen, nowhere in the Bible does it say we get defeated. In this life OR the next. Christians are always saying, “We win in the end!” Where does the Bible say we lose now? Nowhere. This battle is waging, and God’s people are waking up, and it couldn’t happen too soon.

501c3 is the excuse of the Church not to get involved in politics. Guess what, all the Satanic political organizations are 501c3. All they do is talk about politics, and they are 501c3. Explain why then, the Church has shut its mouth?

Why do the Devil’s kids work so hard for dominance, and our team doesn’t care? The Devil’s children are trying so hard to reign and rule here, Christians just smile and wave as their kids become transgender at the age of 4. Are you serious? People are murdering children in the womb, and we are smiling and waving saying, “We’ll see you in heaven!” It is insanity.

The Devil’s team is organized, they are offensive, and they are actually doing things for their father the Devil. Christians, wake up, DO something for your Father in Heaven. Thy Kingdom COME IN EARTH as it is in Heaven. So that means sometime in the future? God’s Kingdom COME NOW. That is the Christian mission, take the mantle and preach the Kingdom.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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