The Age of Deception | Coach Dave Live | 8.12.19

We are all products of our environment. We have been programmed by the environment.

In a Christian nation, the Gospel serves as a system of restraint against evil. However, we are living in an age of deception. The façade is becoming the truth. Gas lighting is “My lie trying to trump your truth.”

This has been happening for a long time. People believe the mainstream media, Hollywood, newspapers, government officials, without an ability to think or discern whether what they are hearing is truth. We’re brain dead – unable to think. Has our environment brainwashed us?

Powers that be feed us only what they want us to hear. Even when it is false. May I say, especially when it is false? Psalm 2 speaks to this. “The kings of the earth set themselves against the Lord.”

So, how do we know real truth? The Lord is the Truth.

We must understand, that the battle we are fighting against, is not against flesh and blood, but unsaved forces, demonic forces. We must die to the anti-Christ soul desires, and feed our spirit with truth. God’s truth. Don’t serve your soulish desires. Be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Pass the Salt!

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