Childlessness is an epidemic in America. We are not having enough children. We have believed the lie of the “Chuch” and the culture. We all should strive to have 15 children. Children are a HERITAGE to the LORD. GOD wants more children following after Him, and yet we aren’t willing to do that?

There is such a thing as corporate sin. America is sanctioning sin at the governmental level. Culturally we are accepting sin. The “Church” is accepting sin. Our country is promoting sin and accepting sin. There are consequences to our nation for that, and we are seeing those come about.

Our children are wayward. Our families are falling apart. What causes this? Our nation accepts and affirms sinful behavior. Abortion is number one. If we destroy children in the womb, how could we possibly move forward in any endeavor righteously? We murder our own children! WE MURDER OUR OWN CHILDREN! WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN? WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOUR FAMILY?


HEY, Pass the Salt, and give some of it away.

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