The only thing that is going to save western civilization is a more aggressive Christianity. We all have a limited amount of time, and when we look back at our life, why didn’t we make a difference? We aren’t ACTing like Christians. We talk and squabble amongst ourselves while the world falls apart. Not only that, we are killing ourselves in our decisions. Fear is why we don’t act. Courage is doing that which you fear. Do that which you fear.

What are you afraid of? We are controlled by fear. Most of the time, the thing you’re afraid of doesn’t happen. Courage is doing that which you fear. Do what you are afraid of. Reclaim the Kingdom of God, it is necessary. We must get out, speak up, and start acting in the name of Christ.

Trump acts with authority. He acts with the authority of President of the United States. You see it in the comments he is making to the world. He is large and in charge and he knows it. Imagine if Christian men acted like Donald Trump? Imagine if Christians acted with the authority of Christ.

Trump has been placed as an example of what authority looks like. That’s just the authority of President. All Christians have the authority of whom they represent, which is God Almighty.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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