The example of the gospel being preached in the Bible is very clear. It is a gospel of action. The apostles didn’t sit around in church and cuddle with each other. They went out and told the lost people they are lost. They pointed out where and why they were lost. The things they were doing, because they were lost. Then they pointed out how to be found. That is through Jesus Christ and his forgiveness of your lost-ness and sin. It isn’t complicated folks.

The apostles were persecuted for preaching the gospel. Nowadays, preaching the, “Gospel” means making people feel good about Jesus. Jesus didn’t make people feel good. Jesus didn’t make the Pharisees feel good. Jesus made them afraid. The gospel makes people afraid. They fear that which they don’t understand.

Young kids now are going out and speaking out against abortion, and it is changing the world. A young brother and sister were on Fox News, preaching God’s words even there, representing Christ and saving innocent babies. This is the example to look to. These are the people of God who are going out, regardless of the consequences, and spreading God’s word to the world, through their actions.

Listen folks, it ain’t a gospel of sitting. It’s a gospel of action. Get out there and Pass the Salt.

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