The Methodist church is considering allowing a lesbian to be a bishop. If someone is teaching you a gospel where sin is accepted, that is no gospel at all. 1 John 3:8. Jesus purpose is to destroy the works of the devil. The question we are now being forced into is, “Is homosexuality sinful?”.

The deception is being pulled over our eyes in the name of, “Science”. Bill Nye the, “Science Guy” is supporting and pushing the homo agenda, in the same of, “Science”. They are lying to us everywhere, on every front. They are claiming it is scientific to be transgender and choose your sexual identity? It is insanity.

The New Testament as it is compiled in the Bible is not chronological. The first book written of the New Testament is the book of James. It took the apostles most their lives to write the books of the New Testament. They were following the Christian journey throughout their lives and developing a deeper understanding of Christ over time.

In Colossians, Paul writes to the church telling them to stop changing stuff. They were drifting away from the basic teachings of Christ, and were adding things to salvation. Christ alone is all the salvation you need.

Keep on Passing the Salt.

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