Donald Trump is anointed and appointed by God. Mark Taylor is a prophet, and in 2011 he prophesied that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. He didn’t know when, but he was told it would happen. In 2011 Donald Trump hadn’t even announced he would run.

The modern church system is under judgement. The 501c3 is a part of this whole thing. The Church’s god is the government, not Jesus Christ. God is not pleased with this, and as we can see around us, the modern church is under God’s judgement.

As we look around us, we can see the entire religious system is corrupt or being corrupted. The stone is being rolled back for us to see the truth behind it. Evil is in high places, especially in the modern church, and the example of this is the 501c3 and the marriage of the church with the government.

Hey, remember to always Pass the Salt.

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