The Posture of Appeasement | Coach Dave Live | Wednesday November 27, 2019

Chick Fil A filled their bank account with the money given by Christians who supported their resistance to the homosexual cause.  Chick Fil A is the face of modern evanjellyfishism.  They are following in the steps of Focus on the Family, which collapsed in 2009.  Chick Fil A has adopted a posture of appeasement.

“Be not ye therefore partakers with them.”  Coach quoted from Ephesians.  “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord:  walk as children of light.”

Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  The fruit of the world is rotten.  The modern church has decided to appease the world.

“There is no peace between homosexuality and Christianity.”  Coach said.  “Salt will burn on a bleeding heart,” Said someone in the Huddle.  Christians have the duty to be salt to sinners.

What about the demonic?  There are things deeper than sin.  “I shook some trees yesterday when I brought up the subject of the Nephilim.”  Coach stated.

A man in the Huddle who follows cloning stated that science has developed the capacity to close human beings.  “These clones cannot reproduce.”  He stated.  “A clone is an assembly, not a creation.  Only God can create.”

Robert Klous read from his devotional “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth Keepers of Faith.”

Pass the Salt!

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