People think that being harsh means you don’t care. This is not true. Those who care the most are harsh. The Bible says that God punishes those He loves. When you love someone, you do the hard thing for them. That means telling them the truth, so they can correct their ways. This IS love. Truth IS love.

You know what the answer to Laziness is? The Gospel. Do you know what the answer is to over taxation by our government? The gospel. Do you know the answer to the problems we face? The gospel. You know the one thing the government and Satan worshippers are shutting up? The Gospel. Open your eyes. The culture is trying to shut up the Gospel of Jesus Christ as much as possible, why? They aren’t looking for solutions. They are looking for power.

There is a church outside the church. There are groups of people all over the country who are not going to church, and yet claim that Jesus is their Lord. These people are waking up to the problems around them and realizing that the modern church is dead or dying. They have left behind the whole Gospel and started preaching their own version, and are suffering their demise because of it.

The church outside the church is waking up, get on board.

Keep on Passing the Salt.

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