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On November 22, 1963 America died.  “That’s the day JFK was killed.”  said Coach.  Ever since the purpose of government has been its own expansion.  America did not operate that way before November 22, 1963.

Coach observed, “America has never been the same.”

Coach and Michelle celebrate 40 years of marriage on Sunday.  “There is nothing more special than a happy marriage!” said Coach.

A Youtube was played entitled “College Students Have No Morals.”  The host of the Youtube channel called “Liberty Hangout” asked college students a question about bathrooms.  Watch the Youtube.  It is listed in the links.

Coach said, “Do not visit the Drudge Report. He’s gone Left.”

Find online news and commentary sources that Coach uses in the links.

Robert Klous read from his devotional book, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of the Truth, Keepers of the Faith” entitled “Snake Oil or Holy Spirit Oil?”

Coach asked, “What are the winds of doctrine?”  He suggested that there are many winds of doctrine that are blowing in and out of churches.

At the root of the impeachment is the embezzlement of money through foreign aid.  Some of this aid is ending up in the pockets of American politicians.  Aid to Israel is just as evil.

“Always follow the money!”  said Coach.

These guys have cookie crumbs all over their shirts.  Donald Trump is the cookie monster.

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